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Programme and initiatives

Vocational & Technical Training Centres

The technical training centre provides livelihood opportunities for students whose interests are more vocationally than academically inclined. The training opportunities available are –

  1. Carpentry
  2. Auto-mechanical engineering
  3. Solar and Electrical/Electronic engineering
  4. Metal work
  5. Agro-business and farming
Other activities under this programme include -
  1. Garment production

    The Garment Industry at the Learning Center sustainably caters to the clothing needs of the TLC community and also serves as a training facility for the students.

  2. Sustainable farming

    We practice a biodynamic farming system on the 1 hectare farm onsite where we create compost in-situ. The process involves burying decomposable materials in a pit of 5m by 1m to a height of 30cm to the soil surface and covered with soil to form a dome shape.

    This system keeps all the nutrients needed for the plant underground from being washed away by erosion. Decomposition continues to take place underground and cow dung provides the organisms required for the breakdown of the other materials like harvest residue, poultry dung, wood shavings, grasses etc.

    In addition, the farm serves as a demonstration and research center for the Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries, Borno state

  3. Sports for development

    NECT hosts regular inter-school variety soccer matches to foster positive youth engagement and community integration. NECT is also exploring avenues for students’ mentorship by local sports heroes to encourage qualities of good sportsmanship such as teamwork, respect, discipline and resilience.

So far:
  • NECT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sterling Bank Plc to train and upskill 112 local tailors to commercially produce a variety of garments for the local community and eventually, the entire country.
  • 31 vocational students have graduated from Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri. The graduating students were presented with starter packs to support the launch of their vocations/small businesses.
  • 16 students from the Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries, Borno state are on Industrial Training (IT) at the Learning Center and use the school farm for their research work.
  • Solar internship programme for 3 students in partnership with Azura Power West Africa
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