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Programme and initiatives

Transition Programme

The NECT transition programme is designed to provide support to 171 students that have recently graduated from the flagship Learning Center and have either resumed at secondary schools or have started a technical vocation. The programme aims to integrate these students who have been prepared for lifelong learning into state secondary schools.

Activities under this programme include:
  • The creation of a ‘follow-up’ committee comprised of teachers from the Learning Center to supervise the onboarding of the students in collaboration with their new teachers.
  • Financial support for the students through payment of school fees and provision of school kits.
  • Learning support for the ‘host’ schools through the deployment of learning kiosks. The ‘learn at home’ kiosks are solar powered containers reminiscent of retail kiosks that are pre-loaded with audiovisual learning content based on the Nigerian curriculum. The material can be downloaded by students from primary 4 to SS3 to watch and listen to, on their devices.
  • Financial and mentorship support for 26 vocational interns.
The partnering schools are:
  1. Government College, Maiduguri.
  2. Government Girls Secondary school, Yerwa.
  3. Government Girls College, Maiduguri.
  4. Government Girls Secondary School, Maiduguri.
So far:

3 public secondary schools were presented with learning kiosks at the end of 2021. These include –

  • Government Girls College, Maiduguri.
  • Shehu Garbai Secondary School, Maiduguri.
  • Government College, Maiduguri.
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