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Our Approach


What we're doing to help

No Poverty

Through employment and empowerment of members of local communities, we have stimulated the local economy; engaged local industries during construction of learning centres, sourced local building materials peculiar to the region, employed local labour to serve in different skilled and unskilled capacities e.g. teachers, caregivers, farmers, security.

Zero Hunger

The school farm is cultivated all-year round and produces vegetables, grains and fruits for the TLC community, thereby supplementing regular food purchase. Livestock at the farm are reared sustainably.

Good Health & Well being

Qualified medical personnel are available to ensure the general well being and health of students and staff. During the COVID 19 pandemic, protocol was put in place to manage a potential outbreak.

Quality Education

Equipping students with knowledge and soft skills to adapt and evolve in the 21st century with a focus on methodology that encourages thinking, adaptability, literacy and life-long learning among students. Prioritizing teacher development through extensive training workshops in modern teaching practices.

Gender Equality

Female students are encouraged to participate in STEM and digital literacy programmes.

Clean Water & Sanitisation

We built water purification system on siteas well as boreholes for potable water and provided the adequate WASH facilities.

Affordable & Clean Energy

NECT is harnessing the high temperatures and climatic peculiarities of the region to supplement the energy supply needed to run operations at the Learning Centers. Utilizing renewable solar energy reduces air and noise pollution, minimises environmental degradation associated with burning fossil fuels.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

We put together financial literacy courses for the students and also organised a Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for vocational studentsand initiated various skills acquisition programmes for all students.

Reduced Inequalities

Promoting inclusion for sustainability through access to internet infrastructure and services to enhance global learning opportunities.

Sustainable cities and communities

The infrastructure at the learning centres are designed to cater to the requirements of their inhabitants e.g. cultural needs, climatic needs, welfare needs.

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