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Our 5 year outlook

Scaling for Impact

This will entail transiting from a centralised and institutionalised service delivery model into a more sustainable community oriented service delivery model.

What this looks like:

The evolving of NECT service delivery to support and be supported by local communities – NECT service delivery to create ‘Ripple Effects’ that benefit wider local communities., and lay the groundwork for eventual return of NECT beneficiaries (children) to a normal community life.

This means greater community engagement e.g. partnering with existing schools (upgrading their educational infrastructure, upskilling their teachers).

NECT estimates that within the next year, 5000 students from our current partnering schools will benefit from our programs in the Education Resource Center.

Forging new partnerships – which provide support for 360 degrees’ sustainability positioning us to thrive in the dynamic environment (operations, business, cultural, government policies)

The implementation of a ‘bridge care strategy’  which is a 3-year enrollment at the Learning Center followed by a guided reintegration phase into the community to continue schooling to keep them grounded and connected to their reality and  scale and give maximum impact – quickly get children back on the road to learning.

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