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What we're doing to help

No Poverty

Through employment and empowerment of members of local communities...

Zero Hunger

The school farm is cultivated all-year round and produces vegetables, grains and fruits...

Good Health & Well being

Medical personnel are available to ensure the well being and health of students and staff...

Quality Education

Equipping students with knowledge and skills to thrive in the 21st century

Gender Equality

Female students are encouraged to participate in STEM and digital literacy programmes...

Clean Water &Sanitisation

We're providing water purification system on site, boreholes and adequate wash facilities...

Affordable & Clean Energy

NECT is harnessing solar energy in this highly temperate region to power the Learning Centre...

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Ensuring the students are taught financial literacy along with social innovation through bootcamps...

Reduced Inequalities

Promoting inclusion for sustainability through access to internet infrastructure and services to enhance global learning opportunities ...

Sustainable Cities & Communities

The infrastructure at the learning centres are designed to cater to the requirements of their inhabitants e.g. cultural needs, climatic needs, welfare needs...

Providing support to nurture, renew and empower children orphaned by insurgency in North East Nigeria


Our numbers in 5 years

Orphaned and vulnerable children given accommodation, feeding,  quality education & rehabilitative psychosocial support
Displaced children living in host communities provided with access to better educational opportunities
Full time staff employed from the local communities

Small and medium scale (SMEs) supported in the region
Students from public schools across Maiduguri benefitting from the science Learning Support Programme
Households that gained new livelihoods during the construction of our learning centres
Our Story

The NECT journey so far and our future

Dr Mariam Masha is Executive Secretary/CEO of the North East Children’s Trust and has been managing its programmes and activities since founding. In this documentary she shares the NECT story, the journey so far and the journey ahead.

Ways to Support

Your support will help us continue to deliver on our mission and commitments to children in the North East of Nigeria.

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